What's Your Money Personality Style?

We all have different personalities similar to your student’s unique characteristics which is a great thing! The big challenge is to first understand then consider how best to relate the message to the individual student to ensure they can then perform to the best of their ability.

Our challenge at TIPS is similar to the example of your students above as we first need to understand what is really important for you and your family. What may seem on first viewing to be complex with your finances can then be broken down on your personal terms. To help us prepare for our meeting we have this simple 4 question assessment which takes no more than 2 minutes to complete.

By completing this short game we can then prepare different options to consider for you in advance, to help structure options based on your language to help you remember! The aim is to make the complex easy so you relate and help set your future course!

Learn more about your personality style in our short survey

PLEASE NOTE: The 'Access Code' required for the personality survey is TIPs

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