Transition to Retirement

How can I build my retirement nest egg?

At TIPS Financial Services we have specialised in Transition to Retirement (TTR) planning for Teachers, Government Employees and members of the general public since its introduction. For over 25 years TIPS has developed expert knowledge of all GESB superannuation schemes and identified how to best to take advantage of available strategies which includes TTR.

There is no one size fits all approach to retirement planning but the sooner you start the greater the time available to make the most of your current position. TIPS have identified that West State Super members have unique opportunities that are not available to members of other Superannuation funds. This enables salary sacrifice contributions to West State Super that are in excess of the maximum $25,000 per annum Contribution Cap to be made.

Transition to Retirement is the combination of a number of financial planning strategies that need to be carefully monitored and adjusted regularly. That is the TIPS difference enabling you to take full advantage of even greater benefits.

The TIPS approach will provide you with an appropriate strategy and structure to achieve your goals whether it be travelling around Australia or helping provide a legacy for your family. Everyone has their own personal priorities but a TTR strategy provides the opportunity to ensure your current lifestyle is maintained but you also are able to provide for a greater tomorrow on your terms.

For more details see the TIPS Transition To Retirement Video

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How can I build my retirement nest egg?
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