Starting a New Job

A new job may seem overwhelming at first, but it may just be the case that you don't know how or where to find the information you really need it, when you do need it, so instead you may actually end up wasting your time searching for it yourself. Experience has shown the best way to get the required information is simply ask your boss or colleagues for help on where best to access the required information or their experience, when you need it.

The same rule applies to your finances, where do you go for the right information? At TIPS we have helped teachers to get ahead for over 25 years by ensuring your priority number 1 of earning more than you spend is achieved. We look at how you can save tax and have more money, so you are able to use the available system to your advantage.

Strategies focus on:

  • How best to save tax and purchase a new car with salary packaging.
  • Maintain the lifestyle you want and showing you how to protect it.
  • Budgeting and saving for major events in your future, like buying your own home and starting a family.

At TIPS we help you use the system in your favour, so when you do decide to buy your house, start a family or even consider the thought of retiring, you already are prepared by having made the time earlier to put in place your financial building blocks for your lifestyle . This enables you to afford those things how you want and more importantly when you want.

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