Retirement Planning

How can I maximise and secure my retirement benefits?

At TIPS Financial Services we have been specialising in retirement planning for teachers, government employees and the general public for over 20 years and have expert knowledge of all GESB superannuation schemes, along with public offering funds, and strategies on how to maximise benefits for retirement.

We have access to a range of superannuation (accumulation) and pension (income-stream) funds to meet the needs of our clients. From the most conservative investor, through use of term deposits or capital protected products (which protect the investor from market volatility), to clients prepared to accept a higher degree of volatility and risk to achieve superior returns, TIPS will provide the appropriate strategy and structure to achieve client expectations. We also cater for the investor who would like more control over their investments and access to specialist managed funds, direct shares or property via a self managed superannuation fund.

We have expertise in Centrelink Planning where we maximise your entitlements/benefits and will guide you through any dealings with Centrelink.

TIPS Financial Services will partner with you to achieve your financial goals and objectives for a secure and comfortable retirement phase.

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