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TIPS - Specialists on GESB Superannuation Schemes

At TIPS Financial Services (TIPS) we have been specialised in superannuation and retirement planning for teachers and government employees, and members of the general public, for over 20 years and we have developed comprehensive knowledge of all GESB superannuation schemes and how to maximise benefits for retirement.

The GESB superannuation schemes are:

  • Pension scheme
  • Gold State
  • West State
  • GESB Super

GESB are unique in their structure, contributions, benefits, tax status and so on. At TIPS, our expertise on the specifics of the individual scheme enables us to provide individual and structured advice so that our clients can maximise the accumulation of benefits for their retirement phase.

Members of the GESB's West State scheme can benefit from the exemption of concessional (tax-deductible) contributions to this scheme, from the Federal Government's Contribution Cap of $25,000 pa that applies to other superannuation schemes. This means that West State members, where appropriate and following personal advice, can salary package significant amounts of their pre-tax income as contributions to the scheme and accordingly build more retirement capital.

At TIPS, we are committed to a partnership with our clients in developing appropriate advice and strategies that seek to realise clients' financial and lifestyle goals.

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